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At The Firm on The Avenue, our team of experienced lawyers have represented over 3,500 clients while staying committed to their individual needs. By hiring our veteran lawyers, you will have a team of highly skilled professionals to represent you through the legal process. If you need to retain Suncoast community legal services, we will provide you with the legal advice, referral services, or support services you need.

Professional Legal Services in Sunshine Coast

At The Firm on The Avenue, we handle a broad range of cases, including personal injury lawsuits, business-related legal matters, and more.

Criminal Law

When facing a criminal charge, you must think on your feet and act quickly. It always remains advisable to hire a lawyer before you decide to talk to the police. At The Firm on The Avenue, our criminal law attorneys provide exceptional legal advice and will counsel you regarding what to expect from the prosecution.

Commercial Litigation

Are you stressed about a shareholder petition or partnership dispute? Business relationships can sometimes take a turn for the worse, affecting your company’s success and reputation. Our experienced lawyers fight to keep your business interests protected while negotiating to resolve the dispute.


Conveyancing refers to the legal work involved in a property transaction. It is our legal duty to either convey or acquire legal title on your behalf. There are many areas that need special assistance during conveyancing, such as:

  • Considering whether to purchase the property as joint tenants or tenants in common
  • Attending to title imperfections
  • Stamp Duty and payment of other fees and charges
  • Complying with Finance, Building and Pest Inspection Clauses
  • Considering the legalities of Special Conditions
  • Performing Searches

Commercial Law

Do you need assistance in buying or selling a business? Would you like to lease a commercial space? At The Firm on The Avenue, we provide commercial legal services for commercial property acquisitions and sales, loan agreements and mortgages, business conveyancing, and much more.

Traffic Matters

Persons convicted of Drink Driving offences may apply to the Court for a licence to drive only at certain times or between certain places for use in employment. Such a licence is only available for Drink Driving convictions. It is often the case that the licence has certain restrictions and they can be such that you are not to have other persons in the car, depending upon the purpose of your work licence, the purposes for which the vehicle may be used, the restricted type of vehicle and the times it may be used and in certain instances allow only nominated vehicle of particular employer to be driven. Keeping a log-book may also be required.

Motor Vehicle and Workplace Accidents

If you suffered an injury at your workplace, our lawyers will help you decide whether to file a statutory or common law claim, depending upon your unique circumstances. We also help individuals who have experienced injuries due to a motor vehicle accident by claiming damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and loss of income.

Personal Injury: Workplace Accident

An injury, as defined by the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 is, ‘A personal injury arising out of, or in the course of, employment if the employment is a significant contributing factor to the injury’.

Some examples of injuries include:

  • Soft tissue / strains / sprain injuries
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Cut or fracture

Wills and Estates

A will dictates the management and distribution of your estate after death. If you fail to prepare a will, then a judge will decide what happens to your estate for you. At The Firm on The Avenue, our lawyers provide the necessary documents and advice for life insurance claims, estate planning, guardianships, and other issues related to wills and trusts.

Family Law

Family law deals with marriage, divorce, family financial matters, and child welfare. In the event of a separation, divorce, or domestic violence, you must call a lawyer who can guide you, easing the pressure of dealing with a stressful situation and preventing you from making a misstep.

Justice of the Peace

Will Guilfoyle, a registered Justice of the Peace, provides essential legal services in Sunshine Coast. If you require any legal documents signed by the Justice of the Peace, such as passport applications, statutory declarations, or affidavits, Will Guilfoyle serves as a qualified witness at The Firm on The Avenue.

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