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Give yourself the best chance at avoiding fines and imprisonment by hiring an experienced criminal lawyer on the Sunshine Coast. A police encounter can easily frighten and confuse you, causing you to panic and act against your own interests. Before you do anything else, call our Sunshine Coast criminal Lawyers at The Firm on The Avenue.

Speak To Us Before Anyone Else

If the police have arrested you, charged you, or opened an investigation against you, call a competent criminal defence lawyer before you talk to anyone else, including family and friends. If you decide to speak with a family member or friend first, you should assume that the police will listen in on your conversation. That’s why calling a lawyer represents the best course of action after a police incident.

Other reasons to call a Sunshine Coast criminal defence attorney include

  • Explanation of the risks of speaking with the police
  • Discussion regarding the likelihood that prosecutors will press criminal charges
  • Analysis of potential defences, excuses, justifications, and mitigating factors
Sunshine Coast Criminal Law Firm

Types of Criminal Cases That We Accept

Almost all law firms limit the types of criminal cases that they accept. Sometimes, Our criminal lawyers may not accept a complex criminal case because they lack the resources to defend it effectively. Other times, minor criminal charges may cause a law firm to refer the client to another attorney.

At The Firm on The Avenue, we regularly accept the following types of criminal defence cases

  • Murder, attempted murder, and manslaughter
  • Rape, sexual assault, and other sex offences
  • Burglary, fraud, grand theft, and related charges
  • Domestic violence
  • White-collar crimes

Benefits of Hiring an Established Criminal Defense Law Firm

Hiring the right criminal defence law firm can improve the trajectory of your future if you find yourself charged with a criminal offence. All individuals who become involved with the police should immediately hire a defence attorney to protect themselves. Discover some of the benefits of hiring an experienced Sunshine Coast criminal defence attorney below.

Reduced Risk

A criminal case represents a life-altering event regardless of the outcome. Even worse, a conviction can limit your rights as a citizen, as well as your future job opportunities. Retaining a Sunshine Coast criminal attorney can help preserve your rights and privileges.

Comprehensive Legal Research

Most people find it exceedingly difficult to comprehend legal statutes, case law, and court procedures. Hiring a criminal law firm to defend you ensures that an experienced attorney will explore every possible avenue when creating a comprehensive criminal defence strategy.

Professional Presentation of Evidence

Even the best evidence remains only as good as the person presenting it to the court. If you find yourself charged with a crime along the Sunshine Coast, you will need someone with a proven track record of winning criminal cases.

Do you suspect that police have opened an investigation against you? Call the Sunshine Coast criminal lawyers at The Firm on The Avenue Sunshine Coast

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