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One moment of distraction, a poor decision, temporary confusion—car accidents are common, and everyone goes through these experiences. Still, there can be long-lasting consequences.

From minor driving offences to the most severe infractions, the legal effects of a violation can impact you for a long time. It’s essential to take the proper steps for the most favourable outcome after being charged with a traffic offence.

You may feel hopeless or that the situation is out of your control. You cannot go back and undo the offence, but you can take steps to minimize the damage with a law firm that’s familiar with Sunshine Coast laws and the court.

Having a traffic lawyer on your side means you have an ally in your corner who can help you know what to expect. Where do you turn when you need a traffic lawyer? Sunshine Coast residents look to the solicitors at The Firm on the Avenue to take their case.

Classes of Traffic Offences and Their Penalties

Exceeding the speed limit, drug or drink driving, reckless operation of a vehicle, failure to use safety restraints, and illegal turning are all traffic violations in the Sunshine Coast that our lawyers can help you navigate.

Sunshine Coast Traffic law
What factors determine your sentence? Some of the things a court will look at when determining the penalty for violating Sunshine Coast traffic laws include

  • Your driving history
  • If you were under the influence of a legal or illegal substance
  • Refusing a breath analysis
  • Your age

Even a minor fine can become a windfall of financial misfortune if you can’t afford to pay it. If you are fighting to reduce your fine or sentence, hire the Sunshine Coast traffic law solicitors at The Firm on the Avenue.
How Can Sunshine Coast Traffic Lawyers Help?

Lawyers can fight for your ability to keep your licence or obtain a licence with restrictions instead of losing it altogether. For the court to issue a licence with conditions or limitations, you need to gather information from various entities and meet several requirements. It can be difficult to cross off all these items on your own.

An experienced Firm on the Avenue lawyer can help you apply for a restricted licence by proving

  • Losing your driving license would cause you or your family extreme hardship.
  • You held a provisional or open license that had not been suspended within the last five years.
  • Your driving offence did not occur during a work-related driving activity.
  • You have not committed a drink driving infraction in the last five years.

Our solicitors at The Firm on the Avenue combine years of experience, knowledge of Sunshine Coast traffic laws, and personal familiarity with your circumstances to work for a favourable outcome for you.

You have a lot to consider when choosing a traffic lawyer. Sunshine Coast solicitors at The Firm on the Avenue have the knowledge and determination you need. Call us today

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