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Protect your financial interests by hiring an experienced Sunshine Coast commercial litigation attorney. With so much on the line during commercial disputes, plaintiffs and respondents need competent representation to make their cases. At The Firm on The Avenue, we possess the knowledge, experience, and resources to mount a strong case in the most complicated of commercial lawsuits.

What Does a Commercial Litigation Lawyer Do?

The job of a commercial litigation attorney represents a time-consuming, energy-intensive endeavour. Long hours and stressful situations ultimately lead to a settlement, dismissal, or monetary award. Some of the tasks completed by commercial litigation lawyers include

  • Offering legal advice on how to build or defend a lawsuit
  • Drafting persuasive filings, responses, pleadings, and other documents
  • Representing clients during negotiations, mediations, and settlement conferences
  • Making strategic, convincing arguments on behalf of business owners

What Does Commercial Litigation Involve?

Commercial litigation encompasses a wide range of complex business lawsuits that do not settle and end up in civil court. Depending on the type of commercial litigation, it may involve

  • Resolving contract disputes regarding material breaches or repudiations
  • Partnerships issues, such as dissolutions, buy-outs, and internal conflicts
  • Commercial landlord/tenant disputes
  • Representing directors, board members, or shareholders
  • Commercial bankruptcy
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Types of Commercial Litigation Cases That We Accept

Most Sunshine Coast commercial litigation law firms specialise in certain areas of commercial litigation. For some firms, the most complex cases remain outside of their main focus. For others, minor contract disputes prove too time consuming and unprofitable to accept. At The Firm on The Avenue, we regularly accept the following types of commercial litigation cases

  • Corporate disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Tortious interference with a business interest
  • Contract disputes
  • Shareholder lawsuits
  • Business dissolution
  • Employment disputes
  • Fraud and consumer protection
  • Debt recovery
  • Franchise issues

Why Hire a Sunshine Coast Commercial Litigation Attorney?

Hiring the right commercial litigation lawyer can mean the difference between success and dissolution for your business. Discover some of the benefits of engaging a reputable commercial litigation law firm below.

Knowledge, Experience, and Resourcefulness

Complex civil litigation requires considerable legal knowledge, experience with court processes, and significant financial and human resources. An established firm will have already experienced substantial success in commercial litigation, forming lasting relationships with court clerks and other courtroom personnel.

Reduced Risk of an Adverse Verdict

An unfavourable outcome to commercial litigation can signal the end of a business interest. With such high stakes, most plaintiffs and respondents will need to engage a law firm to build the best possible case. In most cases, hiring a commercial litigation attorney will reduce the risk of an adverse verdict or poor settlement.

Well-Organised Strategies

Attorneys who have previously drafted the necessary documents, attended pre-trial conferences, negotiated settlements, and argued in court will produce the most well-organised legal strategies.

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